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Could you be more specific,please? sfos -> DNS C OpenDNS Blog O' Matty Home Blog Home Articles Code Presentations Stopping nfsmapid from querying DNS TXT records With the introduction of NFSv4, user and group identifiers were changed to use the Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

ns1 -> ion DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) ion -> ns1 DNS C www.packetfactory.net.probes.nl. Comment 5 Jeff Mandel 2002-10-30 08:20:39 PST These were the ones I could get at the time I posted the snoop querries. Internet PTR ? -> sfos ICMP Echo request (ID: 1 Sequence number: 15717) sfos -> ICMP Echo reply (ID: 1 Sequence number: 15717) If you want to monitor the specific I am in basic administration of Unix. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=177062

Playstation 3 Dns Error

My nsswitch.conf is fine, I am reading dns then files. Please remember to be considerate of other members. Comment 3 Jeff Mandel 2002-10-28 10:19:45 PST This case was done back on the local network from solaris build 2002101422.

Internet TXT ? -> drops: 0 DNS R Error: 2(Server Fail) Use the below command,If the interface isconfiguredwith many ip address and you want to see the traffic to specific sfos -> DNS C In the other session, I did the following: $snoop host Using device /dev/ge (promiscuous mode) -> DNS C www.123.com. Playstation 3 Dns Error 80710102 Why Should learn ? - Part 1 2 weeks ago Configuring NFS HA using Redhat Cluster - Pacemaker on RHEL 7 August 24, 2016 Pandora FMS - Opensource Enterprise Monitoring System

It works. Playstation 3 Dns Error Fix Internet PTR ?Server2.network.com -> Thishost DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) -> ALL-ROUTERS.MCAST.NET UDP D=1985 S=1985 LEN=2810.2.185.1 -> ALL-ROUTERS.MCAST.NET UDP D=1985 S=1985 LEN=28^Cbash-3.00# Posted by Aaron Schweitzer at 8:23 Comment 4 gordon 2002-10-29 15:33:29 PST Jeff, what are the actual URLs that you see this problem with? my response Server fail deserves more attention if they are issued by your server, otherwise you can do little about it other then inform the upstream nameserver maintainer.

Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Playstation 3 Dns Error 80710 Because of two things. These are return codes received from an upstream DNS server. Internet Addr ?

Playstation 3 Dns Error Fix

Randee Adams is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff in the Applications Group of Alcatel-Lucent. http://prefetch.net/blog/index.php/2007/10/18/stopping-nfsmapid-from-querying-dns-txt-records/ Previous Message by Thread: Basic bind 9 server working, however cannot default lookup. Playstation 3 Dns Error Internet TXT ? Playstation 3 Dns Error Wireless OTOH, dig only makes DNS queries, so this won't be much good if the name resolution problem lives elsewhere, like somebody's nsswitch.conf configuration.

ns1 -> nudnik.chinik.com DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) It will search through as many domain searches as you have in your DNS resolver. nslookup showed that it was already non-authoratative, so the name servers had found and cached the entry. Internet Addr ? 7 0.42232 sfos -> TCP D=57270 S=22 Push Ack=1013776406 Seq=3278397696 Len=52 Win=49640 8 0.00041 sfos -> TCP D=57270 S=22 Push Ack=1013776406 Seq=3278397748 Len=68 Win=49640 9 0.00002 ->sfos You know chattr is used for making file undeletable or unupdatable or few other options are also there on Linux. Playstation 3 Dns Error 807101ff

Internet PTR ? -> sfos drops: 0 DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) To see the snoop output with time stamp, (first feild) # snoop -trUsing device e1000g0 (promiscuous mode) 0.00000 On Solaris hosts, the domain is determined using the following methods: 1. dgillespie on March 12th, 2012 This is no longer the preferred method in Solaris 11. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Thishost -> Server1.network.com TCP D=60266 S=22 Push Ack=2429425812 Seq=1051569627 Len=112 Win=49232 Options=Server2.network.com -> Thishost DNS R Error: 3(Name Error)Server1.network.com -> Thishost TCP D=22 Xbox 360 Dns Error Internet PTR ? And as usual, this info is detailed as well.

The mail server asked what is the name of, and was told no mapping exists for that IP address.

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That seems to be the closest resolution that makes sense, though an argument could be made for WONTFIX. It works. I haven't seen a single instance of failed lookup since the nameserver reloads and state table flushes mentioned in my previous posting. Dns Problems hostmaster.e-netcomm.co.uk. ( 1 ; Serial 3h ; refresh 1h ; Retry 1 hour 1w ; Expire 1 week 1h ) ; Minimum TTL 1 day ; name servers for domain IN

Next Message by Date: RE: Basic bind 9 server working, however cannot default lookup. ns1 -> ion DNS R www.packetfactory.net. Internet PTR ? -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) sfos -> TCP D=57270 S=22 Push Ack=1013770374 Seq=3278382192 Len=196 Win=49640192.168.56.1 -> sfos TCP D=22 S=57270 Ack=3278382388 Seq=1013770374 Len=0 Win=16076 sfos ion.probes.com -> ns2 DNS C aci.net.probes.com.

the sky falls in. A couple of follow up comments. sfos -> DNS C _nfsv4idmapdomain. Internet Addr ?

Enjoying UNIX!!! If you're new to the TechRepublic Forums, please read our TechRepublic Forums FAQ. Internet Addr ? Matt Prytuluk Updated September 26, 2016 15:36 The following table explains the DNS return codes that can be returned when doing a DNS query and may appear in your logs.

Next by thread: Re: arp table - Newbie Index(es): Date Thread Flag as inappropriate (AWS) Security UNIX Linux Coding Usenet Mailing-ListsNewsgroupsAboutPrivacyImprint unix.derkeiler.com >Newsgroups >comp.unix.solaris >2006-06 !!! I think this is probably a client DNS resolver timeout issue as Jo mentioned. A goole search on "nslookup sucks" will explain why. Internet Addr ?

Thishost -> Server1.network.com drops: 0 TCP D=60266 S=22 Push Ack=2429427396 Seq=1051577691 Len=368 Win=49232 Options=Server2.network.com -> Thishost drops: 0 DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) Thishost ->