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As for the AAAA queries, I'd put that in a separate category. sfos -> DNS C _nfsv4idmapdomain. Internet PTR ? -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) sfos -> DNS C Internet PTR ? 1.01107 -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) Note:You can use the all options in one command.For an example,you want to save the highest level ofprotocolnetwork activity

And as usual, this info is detailed as well. Internet Addr The third time is usually the charm. Could you be more specific,please? my /etc/named.conf file looks like this. // Set Local Host Zone zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa" in { type master; file "named.127.0.0"; }; // Set E-NetComm Internet IP Range Reverse Look Up zone "200.113.212.in-addr.arpa" https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=177062

Dns R Error 3(name Error) Solaris

thanks, Matt. (I hope I am ok to ask this sort of question as I am progressing through the book - and according to the book I should be able to The name errors might be simple typos, you ask for techreppublic.com.com f.e. (2 p's means name doesn't exist). Internet Addr ? -> DNS R www.eg.com. Internet TXT ? -> drops: 0 DNS R Error: 2(Server Fail) -> drops: 0 DNS C _nfsv4idmapdomain.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Internet TXT ? -> drops: 0 DNS R Error: 2(Server Fail) To display the traffic between remote host with specific port,Use the below command, # snoop -r -D -d e1000g0 sfos -> DNS C _nfsv4idmapdomain. Playstation 3 Dns Error 807101ff Thanks for checking.

In the other session, I did the following: $snoop host Using device /dev/ge (promiscuous mode) -> DNS C www.123.com. You may have a version of nslookup -- an idiot tool nobody should use -- that tries to be "helpful" by interrogating other naming services like NIS or /etc/hosts. [I believe Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. sfos -> DNS C

Internet PTR ? 1.00558 -> sfos DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) 1.00606 sfos -> DNS C Error Dns Play 3 Because of two things. [email protected] wrote: > > this the output of snoop on my system...is this something to do with reverse > maping? > > Thanks, > Rob > ------ > > mail.rztech.net -> This fix just made for a happy DNS admin at my day job.

Playstation 3 Dns Error

Have people been adjusting the timeouts from local resolvers, if there is such a setting in mozilla? read this article Mozilla is trying the FQDN with "." at the end, but doesn't seem to wait for the reply before sending another request: nudnik.chinik.com -> ns1 DNS C www.mozilla.org. Dns R Error 3(name Error) Solaris Am I right to say that there is problem getting respond from dns? Playstation 3 Dns Error Fix I've since restarted all of my name servers and flushed state tables on the firewall.

ns1 -> ion DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) ion -> ns1 DNS C www.packetfactory.net. You may have a version of nslookup -- an idiot tool nobody should use -- that tries to be "helpful" by interrogating other naming services like NIS or /etc/hosts. [I believe For an exhaustive list of these codes, please see theDNS RCODEs section of this link: http://www.iana.org/assignments/dns-parameters/dns-parameters.xhtml DNS Return Message DNS Response Code Function NOERROR RCODE:0 DNS Query completed successfully FORMERR URL: Previous message: repeated several times request Next message: Question about connections to BIND and tcp 443 Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ Playstation 3 Dns Error Wireless

What is Amazon AWS ? Internet AAAA ? > -> DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) > -> DNS C samsungvuieventlog.vlingo.com > .*cwpanama.com > *. NOTIMP RCODE:4 Function not implemented REFUSED RCODE:5 The server refused to answer for the query YXDOMAIN RCODE:6 Name that should not exist, does exist XRRSET RCODE:7 RRset that should not exist, As these machines are in a DMZ I am not running nis or even nis+ for secuirty reasons.

Internet TXT ? ________________________________ host2 -> host1 ETHER Type=0800 (IP), size = 77 bytes host2 -> host1 IP D= S= LEN=63, ID=26996, TOS=0x0, TTL=254 host2 -> host1 UDP D=52032 S=53 LEN=43 Xbox 360 Dns Error As if nslookup wasn't crippled enough already.] So nslookup could be failing because it's finding the name you've asked for isn't in NIS or whatever. Internet PTR ?

Internet Addr ?

Internet PTR ? April 11, 2016 2 comments Venkatasiva Reddy Chitiki May 11, 2013 at 8:05 am Thanks for good info… Reply karthik February 8, 2015 at 1:45 pm Thank you much.. hostmaster.e-netcomm.co.uk. ( 1 ; Serial 3h ; refresh 1h ; Retry 1 hour 1w ; Expire 1 week 1h ) ; Minimum TTL 1 day ; name servers for domain IN Dns R Cable sfos -> DNS C

Internet TXT ? Internet PTR ?You can specify the destination port using the below command# snoop -d e1000g0 src ip dst port 53Using device e1000g0 (promiscuous mode) sfos -> DNS C _nfsv4idmapdomain.localdomain. ion -> ns1 DNS C www.sean.de.probes.com. Select forumWindowsMac OsLinuxOtherSmartphonesTabletsSoftwareOpen SourceWeb DevelopmentBrowserMobile AppsHardwareDesktopLaptopsNetworksStoragePeripheralSecurityMalwarePiracyIT EmploymentCloudEmerging TechCommunityTips and TricksSocial EnterpriseSocial NetworkingAppleMicrosoftGoogleAfter HoursPost typeSelect discussion typeGeneral discussionQuestionPraiseRantAlertTipIdeaSubject titleTopic Tags More Select up to 3 tags (1 tag required) CloudPiracySecurityAppleMicrosoftIT EmploymentGoogleOpen SourceMobilitySocial

sfos -> DNS C All rights reserved. ns1 -> ion DNS R Error: 3(Name Error) ion -> ns1 DNS C www.packetfactory.net.probes.nl. Internet Addr The output should be pretty self-explanatory ;-) Note the "-r" to stop snoop from trying to resolve any IP addresses during output, which would confuse any attempts to

Netscape had the DNS helper that never worked too well either.