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The characteristics together with the causes of each error are examined. You can't access it? Error (513) Internal error (13) Powered by phpBB Forum Software [Previous] 5003 Bad block index This error has occurred in a CA-Clipper 5.3b application which was compiled with Exospace. After upgrading from to my CIFS shares have become inaccessible from Windows 8.1 and Manjaro Linux.

I am not able to help you fix this problem by trading a few messages over the internet... I am used a shipping software which developed by CA-Clipper language and this software running under Novellnetware v-6. The CPU stack holds local variables and parameters for C functions and can be controlled by using the /STACK command when the link is performed. You'll get more speed with a smaller necessary conventional memory requirement. other

The Eval stack is similar, but it is used to hold Clipper's parameters and local variables. The exe is about 500K, compiled and linked with clipper. Note that every array element requires memory to store (even if its value is NIL) and that the number of array elements in an array is determined by multiplying the number

Please report if this works for you. #5 Updated by John Hixson over 2 years ago Status changed from Screened to Investigation #6 Updated by Matt P. as VARCHAR(N)) [ Permalink | « Hide ] Eugene Shavluk added a comment - 17/Jul/16 06:02 PM Query work on FB2.5 but not work on current FB3.0 [ Show » ] The most common cause for this error is a shortage of file handles. I am assuming in saying this, that you have not overridden CLIPPER's default behaviour (ie.

My user is in the Media group. If these segments are there and locked, errors 668 and 669 can occur. What exactly didn't work? Register Help Remember Me?

We believe this will definitely help every Clipper developer while they are in their development stage. Okay. These errors are, in general, reported with the message ‘Unrecoverable error ' Other errors occur when an internal assertion fails. Calling on an incorrect handle can cause this.

as VARCHAR(N)) [ Show » ] Adriano dos Santos Fernandes added a comment - 16/Jul/16 08:30 PM This is as designed. This occurs for several reasons, including: 1) The target disk is full; 2) The target directory is full; 3) Insufficient file handles are available; 4) An invalid path is specified in However, moving the application to the protected mode in many cases makes these errors go away and in other cases, it identifies the problem with a general protection fault. 4.  Conclusion Also, when trying the "Apply default permissions" option on a test dataset, I noticed it changed my permissions to Windows on the dataset from Unix.

We hope, in this paper, to both augment Key's work by further examining other less widely understood internal errors, and re-examine those errors listed by Key in his original paper. Specifically, this error occurs when the virtual memory system needs to swap a virtual memory segment out of conventional memory, and it has used all expanded memory and disk space that So with your advice, I did a little testing and it seems that CIFS is just disregarding the group permissions. Since there are many linkers, the exact format, file name, etc changes for these files, so I can't give you specific steps for fixing this problem.

Unrecoverable error 349: too many extend locks This error caused when an extend system function locks pointers to more than 16 parameters. Did you go to the storage tab and change owner and group to someone that can access it? #8 Updated by Matt P. I have permissions set up properly as far as I know. Did you go to the storage tab and change owner and group to someone that can access it?

Tue, 18 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT L. This is what I have for permissions on the root of the share:[[email protected] /mnt]# getfacl Media/ file: Media/ owner: root group: [email protected]:rwxpDdaARWcCos:fd----:[email protected]:rwxpDdaARWc--s:fd----:[email protected]:--x---a-R-c--s:------:allow Here is my smb4.conf:[CODE][global] server max protocol = SMB3 Insufficient file handles are available. -     An invalid path is specified in the SWAPPATH parameter of the Clipper environment variables or on the command line used to start the application.

Please assist me and I aml appreciating your kind cooperation.

We investigated the cause for each one of the errors included in our set. Next is the Eval stack, which grows upward. This is a fairly large undertaking, probably 4-8 hours of work, so it isn't well suited to a simple exchange of messages. Your second error, "Unrecoverable error 416: Read error on overlay file" is caused when the program references one of the overlays produced by the linker.

over 2 years ago. wrote: Hello,I just upgraded to from and I now get an access denied error on my shares both on Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu. For your better understanding here I mentioned our auto.nt and conf.nt file for your kind perusal. Also, I am wonder if since I run Pydio which does direct file access in a jail, would changing the permissions to Windows affect its ability to read and write files

Clipper uses two different stacks: the CPU stack and the Eval stack. The solution in all cases is to make more memory available, either by decreasing load size, increasing available conventional memory, or decreasing the amount of memory that is locked at any Probably, the most common cause of this error is the declaration of extremely large arrays, (for explanation, we refer to Ref.3). Afterwards I copy the dbf and ntx > back to diskette. > Using this setup I haven't run into the notorious error 5313.

Rappaport & Associates, Inc. Please report if this works for you. For one, under Properties and Security on the Share, it just shows the SID of the group and not the name of it. But the powers that be around here >feel it's best not to mess with a ramdrive. >Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Box 158 Fax +1.603.237.8430 Colebrook, NH 03576 I have permissions set up properly as far as I know. All drives- c:,d:,e:,f: has lot of enough disk space like 4.00GB space per drives. Awaiting the wonderful reply from someone, who basically well known the clipper languages.

The instructions accompanying EMM386/QEMM/whatever will tell you how best to do this. You really need to have someone that can come to your site to research and help you resolve this problem. SFTP will work for the users without an issue. #3 Updated by John Hixson over 2 years ago Status changed from Unscreened to Screened #4 Updated by John Hixson over 2 If you have not done so, and you _are_ running the program from a diskette, then I suggest that you supply CLIPPER with an alternative path in which to write its

So here I am. > The exe is about 500K, compiled and linked with clipper. Every item created must be released, and failing to do so may cause one of the Eval stack faults as the static's area increases. -   Too large a load size. I believe > that something like 33 of my 34 users have 386's with windows installed > so I'm betting they have 4 meg. The suggested solution is that provide more VM available to the application.