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Directory Services Error 14987


Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support. 4756: None of the ciphers are valid. The server cannot perform SSL client authentication. There is no more free slot in factory array for object type (current in use number max is number). Solution: Make more resources available for the server and restart the server. 5038: Unable to create Password Policy compatibility task thread ! http://darrenmanning.com/error-code/directory-administrator-protocol-error.html

This kind of database is unable to perform an import. Solution: Check the password storage scheme configuration and its installation and restart the server. 4122: The configuration files in directory directory could not be read or were not found. UInt32 fAttributeDataSize; // total byte count of all attribute values... Error Log Content5.2.3. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1984252?start=0&tstart=0

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Request a Call › Sales: (888) 323-6768 Support: (713) 418-5555 © Micro Focus Legal Privacy Scroll to Top View Desktop Site current community blog chat Server Fault Meta Server Fault your Cause: When trying to convert the absolute path, it was discovered that the pathname is too long. The value could not be found. Solution: Make more memory available to the server and restart the server. 4872: Failed to create a new lock for virtual attributes map insert.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Frequently, the messages for an operation appear on multiple lines of the log, but these are not identified with a connection number or operation number. Solution: Contact Sun Technical Support. 4742: Security Initialization: Failed to retrieve SSL configuration information (error error): nssslSessionTimeout: variable Cause: Security initialization error. Openldap Error Codes Cause: This may be due to: Incorrect configuration of the plug-in entry A plug-in library missing or in the wrong location The expected symbol corresponding to the init function not found

Deletion attempt ignored. Solution: Check the error log for more information. 5394: Error occurs while removing attribute values. Password Problems This is a complex issue, and assumes you have some understanding of how passwords work with Native File Access in Netware 5.x and higher. This Site Cause: There is insufficient memory for the server to allocate a service provider for the virtual attributes map insert.

The attendee mappings provided during the setup phase are invalid. Microsoft Ldap Error Codes See the Exchange Web Services (EWS) environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 11002 Invalid response from the Exchange server. In fact with UP, you can turn OFF the RSA password and only allow authentication via UP. (It does require a later Client32 to work, but it does work.) Note that Interestingly I have noticed since 10.5.4 this seems less of an issue.

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This may be due to a duplicate attribute value. I'm able to make changes to other attributes (e.g., passwords); I just can't disable accounts. Active Directory Error Codes This is a temporary error. Ldap Error Codes Solution: Stop the running import process before launching db2bak. 4617: Unable to import the database because it is being used by another slapd process Cause: Unable to import the database because

This could be a temporary error. 11007 Error while connecting to the Exchange server. Cause: There is an error in the configuration file. share|improve this answer answered Jul 3 '12 at 17:42 smokris 3902825 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote If you want to understand what's happening : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3186 will help you Debug log levels, such as replication (8192) should only be enabled for troubleshooting, not for daily operations. Ldap Error Code 49 80090308

Solution: Use the -Y pwd or -y pwd-file arguments when executing the ldif2db command. 4634: Security initialization for attribute encryption failed. Test the AFP/SMB password by connecting to the server via Apple-K or Connect to Server from the Finders Go menu (Check for menu name accuracy). Cause: The server was unable to retrieve a private key from the certificate. http://darrenmanning.com/error-code/directory-management-service-has-reported-error.html The administrator account provided does not have the ms-Exch-EPI-Impersonation permission on the Client Access server that has the mailbox.

Cause: Security configuration has not been completed. Ldap Error Code 49 Acceptsecuritycontext Error Data 52e V1db1 Solution: Free up resources on the machine and restart the server. 5017: db2index function failed when trying to restore (error error) Cause: The db2index function failed when attempting to restore the With Netware 6.5, and thus OES and higher, Novell added a new feature called Universal Password (UP) which is much better and allows eDirectory to store the password encrypted, but retrievable.

Solution: Check the client application making the request.

Cause: This indicates a resource problem on the machine. Solution: Unless you are developing a plug-in and broke this yourself, contact Sun Technical Support. 5134: cannot calloc number elements; trying to allocate 0 or a negative number of elements is Solution: Unless you are developing a plug-in and broke this yourself, contact Sun Technical Support. 5511: Plugin plug-in tries to register extension for object type that does not exist type. Ldap Error Code 49 - Invalid Credentials Cause: There is insufficient memory for the server to allocate a new hash table for virtual attributes.

The connection limit in the migration settings is lower than the number of users being migrated, so some of the users are waiting to be migrated. If a Proxy directory is being returned as the path, the user on the Macintosh may not see that; instead, they will get the "unable to mount an AFP or SMB Solution: Check that the entry is valid and change as necessary. 4132: Cannot parse DSE entry entry_name. See the EWS environment (Exchange 2007 and later) troubleshooting section for more information. 26003 Mail size is greater than the maximum allowed size on Gmail.

In LDAPv3, indicates that the server does not hold the target entry of the request, but that the servers in the referral field may. 11 LDAP_ADMINLIMIT_EXCEEDED Indicates that an LDAP server Solution: Make sure that the security token (external or internal) is accessible to the server. 4746: slapd_get_tmp_dir mkdir(variable) Error: error Cause: System error. Solution: Add a password storage scheme to the configuration file, or change the specified scheme, and restart the server. 4121: Invalid scheme: scheme. Solution: Check the Directory Server configuration defining the Replication Agreement.

Solution: Check that the value of the nssslSessionTimeout attribute is correct and retry. 4744: Security Initialization: Unable to get token for variable cipher family (error error) Cause: Security initialization error. Solution: Make more memory available to Directory Server. 4790: Out of memory to create a buffer to hold the pwd item data (error code - string). Directory Server is not properly configured to access data in a backend. The message format isn't valid MIME, so it can't be migrated to Gmail. 18006 Failed to open the IMAP folder.

Cause: An error occurred while decoding the operation tag. AFPVOL.CFG lists the names of the volumes on the current server, and any aliases you made to pretty them up. Solution: Check the configuration file and make sure that the correct database and suffix are specified. 4999: ldbm2ldif: backend backend export failed (error) Cause: The db2ldif function failed when attempting to Solution: Make more memory available to the server and restart the server. 4871: Out of memory to create a new hash table.

Generally, error log entries contain the following elements: A timestamp, such as [05/Jan/2009:02:27:22 -0500], although the format varies depending on the platform. The folder may have been corrupted. 18014 Failed to read the default personal namespace of the user. Most of my clients are working fine, but I recently built a new image and with the clients using that image, AD users are unable to log in after about 12-24